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Trying this again…..

So once again taking a stab at this blogging thing.  As Alice’s mama, I can say the last four years have been CRAZY GOOD LOVE! It’s been a rollercoaster and I would like to say I’ve loved every minute of it but in all reality, some days I would like to have hid in a hole.  I’ve been working on my parenting skills and doing some reading.  It’s funny how 16 years of working with children with special needs and having a Masters degree in Education, more importantly Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education doesn’t mean shit when you’re a parent. In all of my trials of parenting, I have fallen in love with another man’s words/print.  I have to say Alfie Kohn is one amazing man.  Even though there are days I like to tell you to shove your advice, I am so thankful for your book, Unconditional Parenting. Most importantly you have taught me that I am not a fuck up at parenting and that my child is not the only child in the world that has had a tantrum at one time or another, especially in public.  At the same time, I have now been working on my “skeletons” that make me feel inadequate as a parent.  But, at least I’m working on it rather than stuffing it all in, like some people in my family’s past.  That past has to stay there now because physically all of those people are gone now and it’s up to Alice and I to make new decisions that will help our relationship stay strong.  I just hope one day Alice looks back and thinks I did a good job or at least a hell of a lot better than the generations before her.


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