Helping keep the planet green & our bodies clean


My name is Teresa.  As I am learning on this spiritual journey of life…. First, Jesus has to come first (and no this doesn’t mean I have to sit in a church every Sunday and beat myself up for everything I’ve ever done wrong in my life).  I am then a wife, mother, and play for a living.  I tend to extend myself at times being pulled in so many directions.  People I love dearly call me “spaz” and my husband marvels at my multi-tasking abilities (like writing this while listening to a presentation I’ve waited all weekend to listen to).  I initially started this blog because I believe in protecting our earth and keeping it in shape for our children’s children.  I also believe in helping people find a way to stay healthy without conventional medicine.  Now, it seems to be a little more.  I hope one day my daughter can look back and see what I’ve written, giving her some insight to who I am as her mom.  So, dare come take a ride on this wonderful journey of life….and hold on tight, you never know what is around the next turn!


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