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Somewhere between heaven and earth

As the plane took off on November 28th, there was great sadness leaving the ground called the City of Angels.  That city that holds so much life, death, love and hate. This city that I love for all of it’s things, including the people. But, as the plane took off I felt like I was up above the earth, soaring just a little closer to heaven, whispering through the clouds. As much as I don’t like flying and not because I’m afraid to die, there is such a sense of peace that overcomes me.  This is the time when I hold Cary and Alice’s hand and I quietly look out the window. I begin to feel a little closer to my mom.  It is the leaving that makes me miss her so much.  Those are some of the best memories my head holds, her and I taking on LA.  I know she was on this journey with us though. She sure made herself known….and in one of my favorite places that make me miss her more, Disneyland.  Thanks Mom for the penny on Main Street.  I think Disneyland is one of those places…a little piece of heaven on earth.  We have rules for that special place (you’d almost think it was a church)….no cussing, no arguing, no tantrums, no whining…you get the picture.  One exception to that rule…crying is allowed.  I couldn’t help myself walking in and seeing the sign, “Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow And Fantasy.”  Of course upon departure the waterworks started in the castle, as I drifted my fingers over the walls that once Walt himself touched, and continued all the way down Main Street and through the exit.  If anything, I know we will be there again soon, loving life with my family.  I also can’t wait for the day when I am in heaven and can see my mom again face to face…..but only after I watch Alice have her kids.