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Another Piece of Childhood Taken Too Soon

So I wanted to write in last week to the podcast I listen to ( and didn’t have the chance.  I would have started with F you Stench for talking smack about older parents.  However, that all seems so trivial now.  I finally sat down and wrote to Jack that I really wanted to thank both of them for all they do for keeping this podcast going.  It was the event of this weekend, and learning of the death of Kidd Kraddick, it just made me think how much more I appreciate Jack and Stench for sacrificing their time and energy to talk at us everyday.  Learning about Kidd Kraddick was quite a blow.  Growing up here in Dallas, he was what got me through my evenings as a pre-teen and a teenager.  He always had a way about him that when things seemed a little rough in life, he made you feel a little bit better.  I remember listening to him on KEGL here at nights to listen to his top 10.  He started the line, “Burn Your Buns” and of course that Rick Dees stole that saying years later.  But, just like a kid, he was kind of a connection to another world that made me forget a little bit about having a rough day or just trying to get through teenage stuff.  And, much like him, Jack and Stench are that part for me too.  I don’t know how I would have made it through this move back to Texas without the two of them everyday.  It kept me focused on what was important.  Even that quick weekend home to the podcast event in Orange County, helped me see some kind of light and that my world wasn’t completely falling apart.  There were many days when we first moved that I just didn’t want to wake up in the morning and it scared me feeling that empty inside.  But, I knew I had to do it for my kid, and having the support of the podfamily and knowing we would come home as often as possible made it more bearable.  I don’t think in life we tell people enough, even though we know they may know how much we them, it’s still important to say.  So, Jack and Stench, from the bottom of my heart I want to take the opportunity to tell you both how much I appreciate you both and thanks for getting me through my day.

Losing Kidd Kraddick this weekend was also a slight reminder of Carroll.  How many afternoons did we sit and listen to the radio together.  And, for that time, I am grateful.