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New Year Baby

So, a friend asked me if I wanted to watch a movie about her family that her sister put together.  What an amazing story and wealth of emotion conveyed. I may not speak Cambodian but how beautifully done this film was allowed me to see into another world so far removed from my own.  I think I was touched by what appeared to be a lack of connection between two people who came together as a result of a world in turmoil.  However, this was very untrue as the story unfolded, and even though Pa didn’t look at Ma during interviews and he had difficulty connecting with the family he left in Cambodia, there was a connection of unconditional love.  I was happy for my friend that she was given the gift by God of having Pa take her in and be a father that she needed; the “hero” she called him.  At the same time, I felt such sadness as that she had endure such atrocities that no child should ever have to be witness to or more so partake in a life just praying to wake up each morning.   Her story of course did not end with just the movie.  However, I am blessed that I have been able to get to know her.  Yes, one more blessing to thank God for bringing me back to Texas (even if it’s not for forever).   I just hope that one day when Alice asks about her family, I will have done my job as a mother to provide her with enough of a history in hopes that she too will be proud of her family.